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About Us

For Entertainment
Zombie Control Unit is an organized, promotional group of post-apocalyptic "Zombie Killers". With our unique vehicles and charismatic personas, we bring the apocalypse to you.  Small parties, large parties or promotional events, our special appearance will be sure to attract attention and make a lasting impression.

Or With A Purpose

Through community outreach and education, we help raise public awareness on issues concerning health, safety and natural disasters in and around the Houston area.  Partnered with our supporting sponsors, we bring awareneness through entertainnment, with a twist.  We focus our efforts towards a charitable cause and greater good.   Our motto "Keeping Houston Safe One Zombie At A Time".  No matter what your "Zombie" is, we can help make a difference.  

The Beginning

The first wave of the mutant virus didn't reach the states until five weeks later, beginning on the west coast. Panic set in. All law seemed to be deminishing within hours of the news broadcast. Society itself began to fall into a realm of chaos. Those that were infected became the undead feeding upon their loved ones and anyone who crossed their path. Amongst the rubble a survivor emerged. Loosing everything, his life, children and what was his wife. She became an "infected". Thru their travels those that were left behind were recruited. Together they began a journey of survival leaving the life they once had in the past.  Names were forgotten. Zombie Killer and Anti-Virus were born.

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